Israel Keyes

There was a point in time when I was slightly interested (obsessed) in Israel Keyes. It started with a brief link to Vermont that was part of his bizarre murderous run. I read Maureen Callahan’s book American Predator, finding that the build up to the crimes was as suspenseful as thinking through and fearing what happens when an obsessive planner becomes a brutal killer.

It was weird, but diving down this rabbit hole helped me understand a little better the mind of one type of killer.

There are so many types. My uncle was murdered by a serial criminal who most likely was fueled by abuse and bouts of rage.

My cousin was murdered by a set of brothers, tough guys in need of defending their honor and chasing their next drug fix. They were the types that could have sobered up and regretted what they did. Instead they made plans to dispose of their crime, while bragging to some about their acts.

The murders in Jay are still not understood. Motive, as far I can find, are unclear. This was what brought me to Israel. I thought that maybe, just possibly, this could have been the act of a serial predator or pair. Not Keyes necessarily, but could there be other crimes out there that link to that chalet in Jay?

I get further and further away from this. Not because I’ve learned anything new, but that I cannot find the connections. Start with noticing patterns, then look for the anomalies. This is where you begin to understand.

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