True Criming

I seriously doubt that I have what it takes

I doubt I will ever be a real deep true crime-type of person. Not to disparage these personalities in any way, I just don't see it in my DNA. I’m lazy. I’m not obsessive in a way that makes me driven or productive in the way that things get fixed due to my hard driving effort. My general complacency and lack of drive has been holding me back from grand successes for most of my life.

I do however find myself thinking all the time about the murders that have occurred around me. I think about them often and in the case of the Hanel couple, would like to see some resolution to this within my lifetime. Therefore, I find myself falling a bit ass backwards into the role of amateur whatever - trying to sleuth a solution to a story that has excited and confused a lot of people for a long time.

I wish that I could say that I have an action plan. In the darkest winter months, I spent evenings in my dark home office, researching. Searching. The summer months came and the time alone in the dark got taken up by other obligations. Now that the summer is closing out, I’m starting to think about the next direction. Not sure yet, but working on it. Somebody knows something.