I’ve had story thoughts linger, some rattling around in my head for over twenty years. While not an “idea guy”, I have found that I am better at…

May 2022

Memories - Marcus 5.4.22Listen now (3 min) | Where I try to get a 9-year old to remember things
with a plan to save myself

November 2021

I enjoy reading essays. The storytelling. The craft. The ability to live a universal story out of the pages of one’s personal journal. Megan Marshall…

October 2021

Memory is a pain in the ass
As I’ve mentioned here before, I grew up in a very remote, small town in the northern green mountains. I’ve personally witnessed how crime impacts a…

September 2021

There was a point in time when I was slightly interested (obsessed) in Israel Keyes. It started with a brief link to Vermont that was part of his…
A little bit of news the other night made things better. My mind always goes to the worst scenario with my parents. They are so far away and this…
Time is Running Out

August 2021

The murder of a couple unsolved after 37 years
I seriously doubt that I have what it takes
Searching for the darkness on the edge of town